SDK arduino shield

Features :
for Arduino USB host shield board support android phone
Support google android adk function, android phone: for g1, for nexus one, for nexus s, for motorola for droid x
(phone system needs upgrading to android 2.3.4, tablet pc need to upgrade to android 3.1)
Using for arduino usb host function, let your arduino communicate with other usb devices, and supports usb hub function.
for Arduino compatible with the following hardware:
for Arduino diecimila / duemilanove 328
for Arduino uno 328
for Arduino mega 2560(recommend)
for Arduino mega 1280
support five steering gear interface.
support nrf24l01 8 pin standard interface, and easy for extension wireless module.
note: when using nrf24l01 wireless module, please don’t use d3 and d4 steering gear interface at the same time.

Size:53 x 53 x 23mm
Net weight:18g
Package content:
1x for Arduino USB Host Shield

Harga: RP. 225.000,-