relay 4 channel(gambar ilustrasi)

Package :
Quantity : 1 PCS
Electronics Description :

4 road relay expanded plate

Can control all kinds of household appliances, and large current load

This module for 5 V control voltage. 12 V, 24 V voltage control of this shop is at the same time, took a please leave a message.

This module for high level trigger, triggering the current is not less than 5 mA, part of the 51 SCM IO mouth output ability is weak, the need to pull up or increase the drive ability circuit.

The advantages of high level driver, the line disconnect, load won’t work, high safety.

Module features:
1, relay use 5 V dc power, control signal can be directly by single chip IO mouth, also can use 5 V direct control relay.
2, each group relay normally open, often closed contacts each a group.
3, the input control signal lines:

Take 5 V direct VCC positive
GND meet 5 V dc negative
IN1 IN2 IN3 IN4 take control signal, 5 V, high level relay and absorption, low level relay disconnect.

4, there are power indicator light, and four road relay working status indicator light, patch.
5, have patch type diode, reverse protection.
6, circuit board opposite to resistance welding, can be bold in zion, ensure 10 A current and reliable.

7, 4 3 mm diameter screw holes, and ease of installation. Screw hole center distance 66 mm X 41 mm
8, small size, convenient installation. Circuit board size: 71 mm X 46 mm high 20 mm

Harga: RP. 120.000,-